for small and medium-sized businesses
    We build automation solutions for production, control and management processes.

We develop and implement

Server Solutions

Scalable and resilient server solutions


Systems based on Azure and Amazon cloud platforms

Network and Security

Proprietary data transfer and encryption protocols

Our approach

  • System requirements analysis
  • Signing system development contract + NDA
  • Working out technical specification
  • Scheduling iterations
  • Incremental development with regular demonstration of a working product to the customer
  • Manual and automated testing
  • System commissioning. Customer’s personnel training (optional)
  • Technical support 24/7

Projects we are proud of

Server solutions

Multilevel distributed information systems


Taxi company automation system, tourist agency automation

Media network

Media content peer-to-peer streaming system, secured from peer spoofing and channel eavesdropping (server solutions, infrastructure, P2P modules)

Social media

Social media monitoring systems (cloud solutions, scalable server solutions)

We have built and commissioned 7 high load, scalable systems in Europe, Asia and North America.


We carry out functional and non-functional testing. It involves creation of test plans and scenarios for every project. The system developed is subjected to all testing stages. We provide manual and automated testing services for third-party projects.

  • Automated unit testing;
  • Automated integration testing;
  • Manual testing of tasks;
  • Manual acceptance testing based on a test-plan.

Audit and migration

We can audit your information systems, identify problems and weaknesses and help you migrate to modern solutions.

  • Technical audit: Identification and location of potential problems in the code; Code performance, testability, traceability and scalability analyses;
  • Technological audit: Analysis of methods, rules and procedures; Identification of the information system spare capacity;
  • Information security audit: Identification and location of vulnerable components, assessment of the current system security.