Media content delivery technology

About the Project

We have developed and patented a novel cloud technology in the United States for streaming media content between network peers, including servers and mobile devices. The technology implies the use of the best peers based on the geo-location and channel quality information. Additionally, we have developed a security system for preventing peer spoofing and channel eavesdropping.

More details

DEXTECHNOLOGY is working on Zi-Cloud service architecture and applications. It’s a package of media services on PC-TV-Mobile Phone platform. Zi-Cloud service delivers media data even through limited bandwidth connections.

Our scope of development includes the controlling server, media and Volp servers and Peer-to-Peer infrastructure. We used .Net/Mono, C#, MVC, WCF, GWT, HTML 5, JQuery, EntityFramework, MsSql, mySql, sqLite to build the system.

The controlling server allows for content searching, purchasing or leasing, controls a ramified system of content access rights, provides an API to client applications and services. The challenge was to achieve an acceptable bandwidth with a big volume of data and a complex business logic. Mobile clients in the structure required the traffic volume should be as minimal as possible and a data change notification system should be implemented.

The system covers numerous media servers which are responsible for adding and streaming content within the system. The added content is converted into internal format and integrated with data from lastfm and allcdcovers, lyrics and copyright info.

A cross platform PeerToPeer module has been developed to reduce server load. The module includes client applications and geographically distributed cluster of servers and will run on Mono-supported platforms. It will be used by Zi-Cloud super-nodes and Windows, Os X, iOS, Android clients.