Media content delivery technology.

Project Description

Developed and patented in the United States a unique cloud-based technology for the delivery of media content between any nodes in the network, whether it's a server, or mobile devices. The technology provides a selection of the best sites based on geo-location and channel quality. Additionally, the system is designed to protect against spoofing sites and listening to communication channels.


General Harmonics is an international research and development corporation dedicated to providing companies and government organizations with innovative solutions for modern communication and information exchange utilizing its proprietary Zi-Cloud™ technology. Now working on applications and architectural design of the Zi-Cloud™ - the next generation mobile communication and data security platform which provides a fully PC-TV-Mobile Phone integrated user experience. The platform facilitates the exponential explosion of rich media data delivered over the limited bandwidth internet, utilizing existing infrastructure. Our task is to develop the management server, media and VoIp server, PeerToPeer infrastructure. For implement our components, we used the technology .Net / Mono, C#, MVC, WCF, GWT, HTML 5, JQuery, EntityFramework, MsSql, mySql, sqLite. Main server provides management and retrieval of information about the content, buy or rent content management system, extensive access rights to the content and provides an API for client applications and services. The main difficulty in the design was to provide an acceptable level of performance when a large volume of data and complex business logic. The same feature of the development, due to the presence of mobile customers has been the need to minimize traffic and sales system of notification of data changes. The system requires a set of media servers designed to add a content and its subsequent translation. When adding content is encoded into an internal format that integrates with additional services information lastfm and allcdcovers, lyrics and information about the holders. In order to reduce the load on the server was developed cross-platform client applications PeerToPeer module and regionally distributed cluster of servers. Development PeerToPeer module is the need to work on platforms supported by Mono. The module will be used to restrict in Zi-Cloud super nods and clients for Windows, Os X, iOS and Android.